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Hivot Weekly round-up 12/27/2021

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Rescuing Our Deskless Workforce from Digital Poverty

Man holding hand out with technology symbols around it

The plight of poverty has been addressed for decades - from Geldoff to Rashford, just in living memory. But in a digital age, we’re seeing poverty of a different kind manifest itself. That of the deskless workforce...

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Tech Adoption Makes Construction Industry Top Target for Cyberattacks

Individual typing in their password, there is a lock on the screen

The construction industry is an increasingly appealing target for hackers. Recent examples include Bouygues Construction, a French contractor, falling victim to a ransomware attack in 2020. That same hacker gang, Maze, hit a Canadian construction contractor....

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Focus on Deskless Worker Experience When Designing For The New Work Era

Woman working in a warehouse with a mask, hardhat, and clipboard

The Josh Bersin Company has just released a new report, which looks at how the priorities of non-desk workers differ from desk-bound employees. It further recommends practices and approaches to create an optimal experience for deskless employees...

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New Report by Nudge Reveals 36% of Deskless Workers Want To Quit Their Jobs as Deskless Organizations Continue to Grapple with Turnover

Nudge Deskless Report graphic that summarizes findings in the article

The Deskless Report spotlights the disconnect between deskless workers and their employers, providing a picture of what workers want and how organizations are missing the mark...

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Anthill Raises $3M in Seed Funding to Better Support the ‘Deskless’ Workforce

Founders of Anthill

When many people think of the words “job” or “workplace,” they might picture cubicles, meetings in conference rooms, office water coolers and so on, but this stereotype doesn’t reflect reality for the majority of the world’s working people. In fact, 80 percent of the global workforce is “deskless,” which means these workers don’t sit at a desk...

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