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Hivot Weekly round-up 01/14/2022

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US Home Construction Rebounds a Strong 11.8% In November

New home construction in the U.S. rebounded 11.8% in November, as strong demand continues to boost builder confidence even with the slower winter season approaching...

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63% of Deskless Employees Feel More Connected With Access To Additional Training

When it comes to deskless employees, what is the state of their training? What types of training did they receive over the last year, and what devices do they prefer to get their training? Talentcards recently conducted a survey and revealed a few interesting insights...

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The importance of technology to modern methods of construction

The three key strands of modern methods of construction (MMC) – design and construction, manufacturing and smart homes – need to be brought closer together in order to industrialise building in the future...

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5 Technology Trends Should Dominate the Construction Industry Beyond 2022

Construction sites are the perfect place to experiment with new technology. As construction sites are constantly changing, there’s always something new going on and it needs to be documented. With all of the different types of machinery and equipment needed for construction, it can get easier to handle all construction projects if provided with modern technology...

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Construction employers work to keep the peace in the great vaccine debate

Jen L'Estrange, a strategic human resources and workforce consultant, has seen a pattern among her clients' vaccinated and unvaccinated employees. Vaccinated employees, she said, don't understand why someone wouldn't want to get vaccinated in the interest of public health. Meanwhile, unvaccinated workers don't understand why...

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