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Hivot Weekly round-up 03/11/2022

Bringing you this week's must-reads for construction and industrial trades workers. 

Guest opinion: Women, the construction industry is calling you

The COVID-19 pandemic hammered workforce participation, and it’s still recovering—especially with women. According to recent data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, men have recovered their labor force losses since February 2020, while in January 2022, over 1 million fewer women were in the labor force as compared to February 2020.


The contrast between the current workforce numbers could be a result of women taking on more caretaking responsibilitiesduring the COVID-19 pandemic. Concurrently, women in the workforce still typically earn just 84% of what men earn on average. However, there’s one industry with practically no pay gap, where women earn an average of 94.3% of their male counterparts’ earnings—construction...

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Biden Administration Pushes for Higher Construction-Worker Pay

Last time out, we connected the dots between radical climate action and the opportunity presented by a circular economy, focused on the re-use of vehicle parts — and how an emphasis on reuse and refurbishment, rather than downcycling, can enable up to 50 percent savings in embodied carbon emissions, while also preserving 98 percent of commercial value.

The Biden administration is proposing changes designed to push up wages for workers at federally-funded construction projects such as interstates.

The proposal would rewrite the rules around the Davis-Bacon Act, a 90-year-old law that applies to government contractors, in an attempt to better account for the increased earnings of construction workers over time, officials said...

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Man arrested after allegedly receiving $90,000 for construction project but never completing it

A man was arrested after allegedly receiving a $90,000 deposit for a construction project he never completed, according to the Pueblo County Sheriff's Office.

Detectives arrested Garland Lee Waldroop, 55, Thursday at his Pueblo West home in the 500 block of Escalante Drive on a warrant for theft and bait advertising.

The investigation began in Dec. 2021 after the victim told authorities he paid Waldroop a $90,000 deposit to construct four metal buildings, according to the sheriff's office. The victim reported that not all materials were delivered and the work was never completed...

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Construction professionals call on government for education rethink to combat construction technology skills gap

On 3rd March 2022, construction minister Lee Rowley and more than 30 employers attended Moulton College’s Construction Future Skills exhibition and workshop in Northamptonshire, to address the construction technology skills shortage facing the industry.

The solutions they came up with included asking the government to facilitate better on-the-job training, which could be achieved through better work experience opportunities and technology-focused apprenticeships. Other suggestions such as improving flow of learning between schools, colleges and employers, better integration of education and industry, and emphasis on learning lifelong skills were also discussed...

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Women in Construction See Digital Transformation as a Top Priority

A recent survey shows nearly three-quarters of construction companies see digital transformation as a top priority, with new technologies opening doors for women in the workforce. A joint survey by the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC)and Safe Site Check In, and released in celebration of Women in Construction Week, “Digital Technology in Construction: 2022” found digital transformation offers opportunities to enhance productivity, make construction jobs easier and ultimately help to address labor shortages...

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