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Hivot Weekly round-up 02/04/2022

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2022 Trends in Skilled Trades

Regardless of what's on the 2022 horizon, one thing is for sure: things will evolve and change and the ever-resilient construction industry will continue to pave the way to the future...

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Concrete Sensors: A Technology Still in Its Infancy

Under ideal situations, concrete’s psi strength depends a lot on time. Since ideal situations are few and far between, let’s take a look at a young technology that’s taking its first steps at saving contractors time and money...

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A Modern Approach to Labor in the Construction Industry

From healthcare and food service to building and construction, the nationwide labor shortage is impacting every industry. Companies of all kinds are marshalling their resources to find enough employees with the right skill sets that will enable them to thrive as an organization...

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The Future of Contech

Construction technology is reshaping the industry, helping meet deadlines, keeping project costs to a minimum, and ensuring worker safety in hazardous environments. It is possible that these new advancements are just what is needed to help manufacturers, distributors, and retailers mitigate the supply chain crisis...

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How to build a better construction industry in 2022

Tom Noctor, team lead, Procore, shares his thoughts on what is in store for the construction industry in 2022 and why the year ahead will be crucial for stabilising the sector...

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