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Hivot Weekly round-up 02/11/2022

Bringing you this week's must-reads for construction and industrial trades workers. 

How Technology Reduces Unpredictability In The Labor-Strapped Construction Industry

Our economic prosperity depends on a strong symbiotic relationship between physical industry and digital industry. Nowhere is that more evident than in the construction industry, which is facing a crisis of productivity entering the new year. And the demand for construction workers will only intensify given the recent passage of the $1.2 trillion physical infrastructure bill...

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Home Construction Benefits From More Women Being in the Field, Says Design-Build Company Co-Founder

When it comes to home renovations, many don’t know where to start. Whether it’s finding contractors you trust, who can deliver a project on time within your budget, navigating the design process from start to finish could take years.

To Anna Karp, the Mexican co-founder and COO of Bolster, it’s her everyday. She has helped renovate more than 100 homes over the past 10 years, from old brownstones to branded condos in London, New York and Mexico City...

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Biden Signs Executive Order Requiring Union Labor On Federal Construction Projects

President Joe Biden has signed an executive order requiring the use of collective bargaining agreements on federal construction projects costing more than $35 million. The order is effective immediately...

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Wolverine partnership promotes skilled trades

In partnership with New Orleans-based unCommon Construction — a nonprofit that works with paid and for-credit high school apprentices to build houses and gain technical, professional and personal skills — Wolverine is launching a special collaboration to benefit high school students interested in pursuing careers in the skilled trades. The initiative is part of Wolverine’s Project Bootstrap program, which has celebrated and supported those choosing to pursue a path in the skilled trades through a variety of efforts, including scholarships and awareness initiatives, since 2014...

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When Focusing On Infrastructure, Don't Forget The Critical Role Of Technology

There is little disagreement about the need to revitalize our nation's infrastructure. While we've had an ongoing conversation about the state of infrastructure in the country, we've been having the wrong conversation. The discourse needs to shift to focus on how technology can improve our infrastructure.

Importantly, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act has taken this need into account...

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