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Hivot Weekly round-up 01/28/2022

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“Deskless” workers are finally getting their day in the sun

The past two years have seen office workers showered with tools to help maximize their productivity while working remotely. But very little of that bounty has helped the estimated 80% of global workers who don’t sit behind a desk...

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Strategies and Solutions For Closing The Skilled Trades Gap

One of the most noteworthy impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic has been the national labor shortage and the widespread media attention it has earned...

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A guide to decarbonizing the built environment

Having spent my entire career working in real estate, it is simultaneously humbling and daunting to acknowledge that buildings account for around 40% of total global energy use and emissions...

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Shortage of skilled workers despite the potential for high paying careers

Our Two America series focuses on segments of the population you might not know much about, and it seems like one area of the workforce has been overlooked in recent years. Despite trade jobs promising high paying salaries without student loans, industries across the country are reporting a shortage of skilled workers...

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Why Your Next Home Will Be Built By Robots

We have all seen movies and cartoons where cavepeople use rocks to smash other rocks to build something. Over time, humans transitioned from handheld rocks to tools with wooden handles, precursors to the hammer...

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