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Hivot Weekly round-up 03/25/2022

Bringing you this week's must-reads for construction and industrial trades workers. 

How cloud-based construction tech Is decreasing risk

Every industry contains some amount of risk, but construction faces more than most. It accounts for 20 per cent of all worker fatalities in private sectors [1], more than any other line of work. Thankfully, new technologies are making construction safer.

Construction has historically been slow to adopt new tech, but that’s starting to change. More firms are realizing the benefits of cloud-based construction tech and are implementing them, leading to impressive safety improvements. Here are five ways these services and devices are decreasing risk in construction...


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Rugged’s construction layout robots land $9.4M

It’s been a little less than a year since we first noted Rugged Robotics. The Houston-based startup developed a robot that prints building layouts on the floor of construction sites, so workers know where — and where not — to build. The “layout Roomba,” as the company puts it. At the time, the company had raised $2.5 million, by way of a 2019 round.

Of course, that was before the great pandemic automation acceleration that’s occurred in the intervening two to three years.

Now, it seems, construction is a prime target for robotics. Pandemics happen, people get sick — but construction, it seems, never stops...

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Nashville is adding thousands of high-paying tech jobs, and that’s more than the local worker pipeline can fulfill

On any given day, construction crews can be seen working on the East Bank along the Cumberland River in East Nashville. They’re building a campus for tech giant Oracle. It’s a $1.2 billion project.

The company is expected to bring 8,500 jobs to the city, with an average wage of six figures.

“It gives our kids a path for success in the digital economy,” said Mayor John Cooper, one of the biggest supporters of the Oracle deal, during last year’s State of Metro address...

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Keeping projects connected: the simplicity of digital transformation in construction project management

On any given day, a construction project manager may need to consult 10 or more different apps or software systems just to understand the full portrait of project status and plan for subsequent work. Workforce management, site safety and compliance, supplier tracking, resource management, contractor communications, and more may all be housed in individual systems or your email inbox.

Much has been written on the lingering effects of COVID-19 on both the construction industry and the overall economy. The supply chain remains disrupted while resource and labor shortages abound... 

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CoFi lands $7M seed for construction finance platform

CoFi, a construction financing startup that helps builders access loans and pay workers quickly, announced raising a $7 million seed round led by Blackhorn Ventures, Metaprop and Tenacity, according to a press release shared with FinLedger.

The company says it will use the funding to continue improving its payment technology, to perfect the origination and underwriting piece of its lending marketplace, and to help builders address the current housing supply crisis...


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