Five Ways we can make construction more sustainable

Five Ways We Can Make Construction More Sustainable

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No matter what sector you may be working in, finding environmentally-friendly methods of doing business is vital. In recent years, we have come to a global realization that many of our methods are unsustainable and may soon undermine our ability to lead normal lives. This is especially the case for those working in the construction sector. Construction is a sector that works closely with the environment and can often be disruptive to those who live and work in the areas in which new projects are being built. 
However, this is not a new phenomenon. To realize substantial change, we need to raise awareness in terms of the various methods that can be used to make the industry more sustainable. Here are five ways to do just that. 

Recycle Materials from Past Jobs

One of the top ways to make construction more sustainable is to recycle as many materials as possible from past jobs. This can apply to jobs in which buildings are being torn down before being rebuilt. Rather than simply discarding all the materials after the demolition, you can collect the usable materials to reuse them in new structures. 
This could also apply to old materials you had leftover from previous jobs. It is common to simply purchase all new materials for each job you take on. However, if companies simply used the materials they have on hand before purchasing more, they could save lots of time and money, while also protecting the environment. 

Use Local and Sustainable Materials

Another great way to make the construction industry more sustainable is to shop locally before purchasing products from elsewhere. Sure, taking the time to search for the lowest cost materials can save companies money. However, this also harms the environment because these materials must then be shipped out from other locations. No matter if they are being flown or driven in, this will automatically increase your company’s carbon footprint. By taking the time to shop locally, you can drastically reduce this footprint. Buying locally can also provide a major boost to the local economies in which the project is being developed. 
If your company cannot shop locally, you can usually shop sustainably. In other words, search for sustainable materials and only buy from eco-friendly suppliers. 

Emphasize Energy Efficiency

Another effective way to make construction more sustainable is by emphasizing energy efficiency. This not only applies to the methods being used to develop and create projects but also to the materials and equipment being installed into these new properties. Construction companies should be searching for sustainable methods and materials, while also creating projects that will have a positive impact on the environment. For instance, depending on the nature of the project, you may install energy-efficient light fixtures, refrigerators, air conditioners, and more. 

Reduce Waste on the Worksite

The construction industry is well known for producing large amounts of waste. Although there may not yet be a way to completely do away with waste on construction sites, there are plenty of ways to start reducing your waste immediately. Here are a few:

Order the Right Amount of Materials

Ordering a surplus of materials for construction projects has been the norm for quite some time. This is primarily because materials can easily become lost or destroyed in the building process. Nevertheless, now is the time for construction companies to utilize technology and analytics to get a more accurate reading on the scale of materials that are required for each project. Although it is important to plan for accidents, it is also important to take the steps to limit them and the unnecessary wasting of materials. 

Reduce Workplace Mistakes

Although it’s easier said than done, taking the time to reduce workplace mistakes can be a major way to reduce waste on worksites. To do so, many companies may need to revamp their processes in a way that allows workers to receive more guidance and feedback before completing tasks. So, for instance, a company may have an employee who simply double checks methods and materials before the workers complete the tasks. 

Invest in Proper Storage

One of the reasons so many materials are wasted is that they are not being stored properly. No matter if it’s during the project or after, construction companies must find the best ways to ensure these materials are safely and properly stored. This will make a world of difference in terms of how many materials are wasted on job sites. 

Repurpose Existing Buildings

Lastly, one amazing thing construction companies can do to become more sustainable is find the best ways to repurpose existing buildings. No matter where the client is located, there are always abandoned buildings that have simply been left to rot. Many business owners are encouraged to break ground on a totally new space, rather than remodeling and repurposing existing ones. However, focusing on the latter will completely transform the construction industry as we know it. Rather than starting an entirely new project every time a business owner needs a building, construction companies can take the time to reimagine existing spaces and generate renderings to help business owners visualize how an existing building can be used to create the perfect building for their brand and business goals. 
Overall, global sustainability is becoming more of a necessity every day. Rather than waiting until we experience extreme consequences to change our ways, business owners should start working on solutions as soon as possible. In the past, the construction industry has all but led the way in terms of using practices that adversely affect the environment, it should also be the sector to lead the way in creating practices that help us save it. 

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