Day in The Life of a Construction Project Manager

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No matter what sector you may work in, the project manager plays an intricate role in both daily operations and the overall ability to achieve organizational goals. The construction industry is certainly no exception. It is one of the few industries that involve the collaborative, physical building and restoring of large structures, infrastructure, and more. However, if you do not work in the industry, it may be hard to fully comprehend everything being a construction project manager entails. With that in mind, the following is an overview of a day in the life of a construction project manager.


What is a Construction Project Manager?

Often called a CM, a construction project manager is a manager who handles the collaboration and overseeing of all aspects of a given construction project. They work with all levels of the company; this includes the project’s owners, stakeholders, architects, the general contractor, subcontractors, and trade contractors. In other words, they are often the go-to person regarding all aspects of any given construction project.

What Does a Construction Project Manager Do?

As mentioned, construction project managers are tasked with managing all aspects of a given construction project. Therefore, they have one of the most critical roles on any given construction site as they offer leadership and guidance from beginning to end.

In particular, their duties include:

Contract Negotiation

Construction project managers are tasked with negotiating contracts with vendors to create lucrative agreements.

Facilitating Collaborations

Construction project managers are also responsible for collaborating and facilitating collaborations with all participants to decide the best course of action to ensure the project is completed in a timely and efficient manner.

Setting Goals

Another responsibility of a construction project manager is setting goals. This is because all projects can be unpredictable, and things tend to get off track, so setting goals is imperative to finish the project in a timely, cost-effective manner.

Creating a Budget

The project manager is tasked with assessing the cost of man-hours, materials, etc., to give owners and investors a detailed budget.

Licensing and Permits

Construction project managers are responsible for obtaining the appropriate permits and licenses required to complete the project.


Construction project managers are responsible for finding and purchasing the materials required to complete the job.


Project managers are responsible for purchasing the proper safety equipment. They are also tasked with ensuring that everyone on the site is aware of the safety rules and regulations.

Monitoring Time and Materials

Project managers are tasked with keeping track of the time it takes to complete the project, as well as the use of materials. They are responsible for maintaining the proper amount of materials, but they are also expected to help prevent unnecessary wasting of materials.


Report Preparation

The project manager is tasked with preparing detailed reports for owners and investors.


Project managers are tasked with supervising all aspects of the construction site. They are responsible for ensuring that work conditions are safe and comfortable while also ensuring that all workers and contractors stay on task throughout the day.

How Do You Become a Construction Project Manager?

If you are interested in becoming a construction project manager, you’re in luck! Although there is a level of skill and experience required, this is a job that can be done by virtually anyone who is up for the task. Here are the steps required to become a project manager:

Get Educated

The first step to becoming a construction project manager is to get educated. Generally speaking, a construction project manager should possess a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in a construction-related field such as civil engineering, building science, or construction management. Moreover, they can also take other courses like cost estimation, building code compliance, accident prevention, plumbing codes, and others.


Training is also a major aspect of becoming a construction project manager. Many employers recommend that those seeking construction project manager positions participate in an internship program. This is because doing so allows them to get first-hand experience that will make them more effective on the job. This is imperative as most of the tasks are easier to understand once you have experienced them first-hand. Moreover, internships may also be a part of their collegiate journey, as internships can be used for college credit.


Construction project managers must also acquire certifications. Some options are Certified Construction Manager or Certified Commercial Building Investors. Depending on your level of education and location, some certificates may be mandatory and must be renewed every so often.


Construction project managers are also expected to possess certain skills. Some of these are leadership, interpersonal communication, risk management, integrity, technical skills, and the ability to work in a hectic, demanding environment. Although other skills may be required, these core skills are often needed to run a construction site as efficiently as possible. In addition, construction workers need to be prepared to lead, mitigate risks, and remain in compliance with all state regulations.

Final Thoughts

Being a construction project manager is a huge undertaking that can be as challenging as it is rewarding. However, if you have experience in the construction field as well as leadership/management, this may be an excellent field for you. Nevertheless, one of the top prerequisites is taking the time to obtain a bachelor’s degree, which can be a somewhat lengthy process. In sporadic instances, you may be able to become a construction project manager without a degree, but this will require extensive experience and dedication to the construction field.
Either way, a day in the life of a construction project manager is one that is filled with excitement. This is because your duties change from day to day or even moment to moment. Therefore, this is an ideal job for those who love to be kept on their toes and who work well under pressure. If you can relate to these sentiments, becoming a construction project manager just may be your dream job.

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