Industrial strength communication made simple.

All of your communication in one place. Optimized for teams, projects, and individuals.

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What is Hivot?

Hivot is a platform that empowers construction and industrial trade teams to streamline project and team communication. Consolidate all your team, project, internal and external connections with flexible project-based threads that work the way you do.

Remove the guesswork in finding the right information at the exact time it’s required
Reduce the amount of prep work needed to complete your work, freeing up time in your day
Keep lines of communication open between a distributed deskless workforce
Talk to who you want to talk to, and only who you want to talk to. With heads access to the viewers of every message

Whole Project Communication

Bring all your project communication flow from all the project teams into one place with powerful features that enable seamless engagement from concept to completion.
Real-time Updates
Ensure project updates are communicated effectively
Real-time Data

Provides users with access to their real-time notification

Real-time Collaboration
Keep your projects moving smoothly at every stage

Secure Collaboration

Breakout and isolate personal and professional conversations. Maintain visibility and control over who sees what messages, ensuring that information that’s meant to be private stays private.
Hivot uses industry-standard security protocols to ensure your data is safe
Easily control and see who can see which message
With features like passwordless access, Hivot’s first goal is the security of your account.

Flexible Stakeholders

Stop fracturing critical decisions into multiple threads, channels, or apps. Easily break out and change the visibility of content, message by message — across teams, vendors, subs, or projects. So the right people see the right content.
Rapid Results
Avoid hunting to find the app or thread where your critical communication is sitting
Right Answers
Ability to target individuals and teams keeps information relevant to specific projects, sub-projects, and tasks
Eliminate crossed wires and lost messages with a single source or truth acorss your entire project.

Comprehensive Audit

Easily audit and understand how critical decisions are made with relational thread tracking and creation.
Powerful Task Creation
Make tasks interactive with the ability to build task communication from any message or app update
Task Management
Create sub-branches of tasks comms that direct action items to the relevant stakeholders or sub
Seamless Task Workflow
Unite messaging and task creation to keep projects flowing smoothly through every phase

Mobile Mission Control

Save time and avoid missing important data by bringing critical project notifications from your most trusted applications in line with your team communication.
Procore integration coming September 2021
Ingest data from project management, engineering, construction, and industrial trade systems and present the relevant information to the people who need to see it
Unite tasks with the conversation needed to complete them. Avoid fractured and lost decisions 

Unite all pertinent information in home and project views, so stakeholders see it at the right time and can take immediate action

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