Industrial Strength Communication

Hivot is a high-powered communication platform that allows you to engage with all of your project stakeholders and app data in a single customizable feed. 

No matter how you work, who you work with, or what you work on.

Free your feed

How many times have you had to leave one app to discuss with your team in another app; or talk about mission-critical decisions in the wrong app then have trouble finding it when it matters? 

Hivot allows you to free your messages and content from proprietary feeds. Organize, tag, and view your information exactly the way you want. 

Cure App Fatigue

The average construction professional uses between 3 and 6 construction apps every day — over 9 apps total. That’s a lot of wasted time switching between apps, and a lot of opportunities to miss valuable data. 

Hivot consolidates all of your data and communication into a single feed. Letting you open one app and see all of your information at once. Saving valuable time.

Master Collaboration

Collaboration is a great thing, but how often do you find yourself leaving one app to discuss critical decisions in a separate messaging app — stranding vital data from project plans. Making it hard to find that info when you need it days or months later. 

Hivot gives you unprecedented control over who and how you talk to your team and clients. Without separating decision-making conversations from project data. 

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