Industrial Strength Communication

All of your collaboration data in one powerfully simple feed

Whole Project Communication

Why use multiple apps to talk with your team, your vendors, and your client where critical decision-making can get lost from your workstreams?

Hivot’s granular access rights at the message level allow for simple communication across the entire project — from idea to delivery. 

Talk with everyone one powerful feed. Ensuring only the right people get the right information. 

Track decisions Across Apps

Why struggle to flip through countless apps and feeds to find a message or notification that flashed past your screen. 

Hivot allows you to consolidate all of your communication and app notification data in one dynamic feed that allows you to filter and search to quickly find what you’re looking for.

Making messages and data as easy to find as it was to send.

Simply Powerful for all user levels

Balancing adopting new cost savings technology, with the real cost of adoption through a work force of varying technical acumen can be a challenge. 

The Hivot app was built to be as simple as texting for the casual user but infinitely extensible for the power user. 

Easily receive actionable data from the field or subs and then manage that data in any way you need to get your job done on time and on budget. 

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